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our great Police," adding that "this Radical ●Left agenda is not going to happen." The Democrats in the●ir proposed reform bill didn't embrace the idea of entire●ly defunding police departments either. Instead, it will ●provide grants to community organizations, encouraging th●em to build partnerships that improve accountability. How●ever, not only is the Democrat-proposed legislation expec●ted to undergo extensive scrutiny by Republicans on Capit●ol Hill - who offered their own blueprint for reform in a● 10-section draft bill that included police reporting, ac●countability, trainj


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ing and relations -- it's also possibl●e to be pushed back by the White House, which has indicat●ed that stripping police officers of their immunity is a ●non-starter. Asked whether Trump would support the police● reform proposals rolled out by the Democrats, White Hous●e Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said at a news briefin●g Monday that the president was "talking through a number● of proposals." Declining to get into the details of the ●president's thinking, McEnany said that "there are some n●on-starters in there, I would say, particularly on the im●munity issue." In r


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addition to banning life-threating poli●ce tactics such as chokeholds and limiting the transfer o●f military-grade weaponry to state and local police depar●tments, the Democrat-proposed bill also sought to reform ●the immunity doctrine that shields government officials, ●including police officers, from liability for conduct on ●the job unless they violate "clearly established" constit●utional rights. "We cannot settle for anything less than ●transformative structural change, which is why the Justic●e in Policing Act will remove barriers to prosecuting pol●ice misco4


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nduct and covering damages by addressing the imm●unity doctrine," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday w●hen introducing the bill. Calling for swift action to pas●s the bill, Pelosi said Wednesday after meeting with Phil●onise Floyd prior to the hearing that injustice in the cu●rrent police system "is readily apparent. The need to mak●e the change is clear and the proposals to do so have bee●n in the hopper for a while." Appearing on Fox News "Fox ● Friends" program Wednesday morning, McEnany noted that W●hite House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, presidential advi●q


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ser Jared Kushner and domestic policy adviser Ja'Ron Smit●h on Tuesday huddled with Republican Senator Tim Scott, w●ho led the GOP effort to devise police reforms. "They had● a very positive meeting with Senator Scott and it was ve●ry productive, and we do believe that we will have proact●ive policy prescriptions, whether that means legislation ●or an executive order," McEnany said.Less than a week ago, Trump threatened the use of active-duty milita〓ry forces to quell the protests, a decision that drew harsh condemn〓ation from both current and former officials. WASHI5


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ere seen in front of the White House on Saturday, as thou〓sands of protesters swelled into D.C. to stage what has been the la〓rgest demonstration in the capital since the death of George Floyd,〓 a Minneapolis black man, at the hands of white police. Demanding c〓hange in police practices and paying homage to Floyd, Saturday's pr〓otest remained peaceful. Music blared from a truck, impromptu dance〓 parties appeared, and people used chalk to write messages on the s〓treets. Less than a week ago, however, as the protests escalated an〓d reached the doorsteps of the presidenN


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tial residence, Trump threat〓ened the use of active-duty military forces to quell the protests, 〓a decision that drew harsh condemnation from both current and forme〓r officials. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser wrote Trump a letter Friday, 〓urging him to "withdraw all extraordinary federal law enforcement a〓nd military presence" in her city citing the peaceful nature of the〓 demonstrations. The D.C. National Guard confirmed Saturday it was 〓investigating whether it was appropriate to use one of its helicopt〓ers during Monday's protests. The helicopter flew low above the Whi


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e House area as law enforcement on the ground reportedly used non-〓lethal weapons to clear the way for Trump to walk to a church near 〓the White House for a photo op, which caused tremendous controversy〓. "The completion of a thorough and transparent investigation is of〓 the highest priority to me and to the investigative team," Major G〓eneral William Walker, the D.C. National Guard's commander, said in〓 a statement.BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- Fan Changlong, vice chairman of China'●s Central Military Commission, and Chang Wanquan, Chinese defense m●inister and stm


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ate councilor, on Friday met separately with Guy Parm●elin, head of the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protec●tion and Sport. Fan Changlong said China is willing to work with S●witzerland to implement consensus reached by leaders of the two cou●ntries, enhance strategic communication, enrich military-to-militar●y relations, and make positive contributions to the China-Switzerla●nd innovative strategic partnership. Fan hailed the smooth develop●ment of military-to-military relations in recent years and deepenin●g of exchanges and cooperation in areas such9



as the exchange of hig●h-level visits, personnel training and international peacekeeping m●issions. Parmelin said that Switzerland adheres to the one-China p●olicy and is willing to advance pragmatic cooperation with China in● all fields. Noting the good momentum of deve8

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